What are the things that prevent you from going full Linux (single boot)?

For me, I keep a small and as debloated as possible Win 10 partition. I am not a gamer so I only use Win 10 to run stuff like MS Office and just in case I need to run an exe file that would be laggy in Wine.

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Fear and ignorance. :slight_smile:

And this machine in my workshop that requires Mach 3 to run, and Mach 3 works on Windows 7. I will eventually find a good CNC solution for Linux, and convert my machine to that. So add lazyness to the list as well.

I never dual boot, though.

Or allow a Windows machine access to the internet.

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Nothing :bomb:


One note class notebook , If there is asolution how to use onenote app in linux i will never use win .
but the online one is not good as one note app in windows.


I'm using Linux on all my systems since over ten years.


I am not sure if the p3x-onenote app from AUR is a solution for you. Never tried it though as I don't need it.

Other than that I do all my stuff on Linux except on thing, and that's my taxes once a year as I am staying away from the cloud solution that software offers and there is no Linux alternative.

-solved by a WIndows 7 virtual machine, I'd wish for a better solution

I only game in shorter periods every 2nd or 3frd year, most recently ''Red Hat Redemption II'' as I tried to seach for it by a freudian slip. Solved by keeping a Clonezilla image of Windows to load for those occasions.

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Linux, full-stop. I would be so embarrassed to run Micro$oft or Crapple. What would the neighbors think? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just as plain as it is - testing of windows configurations in the small network that i maintain.
Some may ask, why I don't do that inside a virtual machine - well, at least I do what is possible in VMs, but the people I work for simply don't trust that for some issues...

Thank you for your replay , I do use p3x-onenote , but it is just a web app client , it is not good as actual onenote .

My work laptop is W10. My laptop isn't :rofl: I last dual booted around 2003.

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Linux. No use for M$.


@maxle0312 do you need MS Office or could Libre Office suffice?

@Porbeagle what are the unique feature/s that mean you need to use WinAmp?

It is outlined in this post here:

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Lots of things :slight_smile:

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None. I've been single booting Linux since 1996.


I'm also on the nothing train.
Windoze be damned [since 2014-2015]!

And, loving it.
Oh, Maaaax...

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After I wiped Vista with Ubuntu Hardy Heron - and then realised I couldn't get connected - went out to buy a 10m ethernet cable to connect to a router down the hall...

What kept me booting, in 2007 - firstly ACDSee Pro. I had a lot to learn to change my workflow and work well in Linux, thankfully we came a long way since then.

The thing I detest about Windows more than anything is simply the fact that it is default, and the behavior that goes with it is generally pretty bad.

Today someone made a request 'how can I easily resize an image and put text on it' and I was gobsmacked.

The only reason that isn't going to be a simple right click solution is if you don't have any graphic software installed - for simple jobs like that (with added text) it's so obvious that GIMP is the answer... yet people are coming up with long lists of proprietory software from paint.net to faststone.

Poor souls, they can't use Gwenview or Gimp because they're walled into a nightmare scenario where 'free software' means the same as 'freeware'.

And get this, in yesterday's TVC forum, someone asked why he can't get uTorrent working properly in his Windows Vista installation.

I don't have the skills - I have barely touched Windows since 2007, and I really do now appreciate how difficult it is to use that OS - Linux is actually easier.

So yes, the final answer is simple: ignorance.

I want to use a single system only, but neither Linux nor Windows could provide what all I need.
Several softwares only provide Windows editions, such as the noteexpress, the MS Office, the Chaoxing Reader, the spdbv, etc. Others like the bash, the Emacs, the VMD, the Ovito, the Xcrysden, the lammps and the gromacs only work well on Linux.
I have to work with the dual boot system for years, although I hate it very much. My thinking is always interrupted when I have to switch systems, especially for the days that the computational server cannot be used. I have also tried to install Arch and Manjaro into WSL, but the poor disk performance, the toy-like OpenGL effect and a lot of bugs when working with X made me finally give up.
Therefore, I have to continue my work with the dual boot system, and I don't know how long it will last...

Winamp can be well configured in wine. But you might install a lot of packages if you want to make most functions work properly.

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