What are the most common questions (FAQ) in forum

What are the most common questions (FAQ) in forum. This seems to be trending a lot at the moment :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Where can I get Google Drive Linux app!

Google isn’t going to release it yet /s :smirk:

Probably not official version.

There are packages in the repo (and in the AUR) for dealing with Google Drive. Most people know this, though.

the guys at stackoverflow have a nice feature that automatically suggests existing questions/thread based on the content when a user writes a new thread. it actually pointed me to a solution that i had not found before at least once. maybe this would be a solution for the “newbies don’t search” problem?

no idea though whether this is possible with disourse…


Not only that, there’s a “here are some articles similar to what you’re typing right now, pudding head” pane to the right of the text entry box ^___^

ok, so this already exists… sorry…

Fyi, this is only the case in Desktop view. Not mobile view.


thanks, not realy had time to test mobile yet.

we don’t have that issue in manjaro, any web app takes 5min to build for desktop using jak backend, check it out.

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How to handle .pacnew/.pacsave files


Not really a problem, but if you’re creating a FAQ section, How to post screenshots should be part of it…


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The bot will do the FAQ since no one ever reads it.


That may be true for a lot of people … but it doesnt mean that we should have any information in the bot that isnt posted otherwise. (wiki, etc) Aside from really basic things that shouldnt otherwise need posting I suppose.

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:: removing PACKAGE-ABC breaks dependency ‘DEPENDENCY-123’ required by PACKAGE-XYZ

People are confused and don’t understand the error message every time.

edit: bonus point for not even seeing PACKAGE-XYZ is also often an AUR package

And about AUR packages, people often report breakage in the Update announcements threads, or complain they needed to rebuild their AUR package because of the update, when this is expected sometimes and should be added as info maybe in every relevant FAQ entries or official threads.

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Well put.
There are people who will read FAQs and wikis before asking questions - this information should always be readily available without opening a thread or posting a question.


Can we request Wiki edit privileges again?
(Never got an account, open for 9 months now: difficult delivery! :grin: )

Kernel Newbie

That thing with the 450 drivers got out of control quickly creating a real mess, despite having a simple, unique solution for almost anyone affected. Seemed like many didn’t have the slightest patience to experiment a little, read a wiki, the old forum, some lines just above others, that has to be also said, true, and too many forgot providing system specs and info, wasting forum space, time and energy from people eager and kind to help. So,

-> imo every Support sub-forum should have the sticky How to provide good information and its description below -even as a prerequisite!- , and with relevant FAQ/Tutorials stickies, Tutorials often contain good solutions (and training ofc, which is much desired for the “lazy”/ignorant newcomer who is not interested reading “dry” wikis, but could take a look into a tutorial since he/she is already there), but no one with a problem thinks about checking them in the other place (Contributions), they are simply too chaotic thematically (-> less useful, less discoverable) in their current form and place.

-> The search box is a good idea but maybe it should begin with "Search for problems/issues, […] " before anything else in that line. (Most people will come for their problems first than to search topics, users? and categories -which are not hard to miss tbh on the left anyway)

-> I would suggest a more aggressive moderating, merging all those same threads into one and maybe reevaluating the auto-locking of threads after 3 days -removing it imo. Thread could be very much alive and user should state his new Manjaro version anyway if the problem arises again and he was not in the positon to solve it with the already existing info.
Otherwise the forum is filled with very similar threads (spam) which creates a viscious cycle, newcomer searches, is overwhelmed by 10 similar threads, dismisses it, prefers to write a new thread, produces more spam, deminishing search feature’s usefulness further more.

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Actually, what you’re describing is a problem solving wizard that leads the end-user in the right direction instead of the end-user sitting down, thinking about his/her issue, choosing the best category and then writing it down and provide the best information that would help us help them?

There actually is a Discourse plugin for that…

:innocent: :grin:

I disagree with this point. Linking previous answers to new threads about the same issue is one thing, but constantly reorganizing the forum and deleting/moving threads is another, completely different thing. Having multiple threads about the same issue poses no problem as long as they are answered properly. In fact, in increases the changes of finding a solution to the problem. The most frequent problems get more threads, and this generates more results. Forum members should, however, try to link appropriate answers instead of trying to figure it out every time.

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