What are the default user groups that Manjaro setting manager creates for new users?

I’m confused that what groups I should assign to a new user when creating a user account with the command useradd -m.
From Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro, it suggests to add
From Manjaro default groups permissions, it says the default user groups are
But from Restore default user groups, it only shows
I know that wheel is for the user to use sudo, so it seems that sys,network,power,lp are the groups that are common in those articles, but audio,video,optical,scanner are not.
So which group set is the default when Manjaro setting manager creates a new user (except for wheel, which is for administrator)?

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in your terminal type: groups

mine shows this on rpi400 sway arm, i’m user pi:
sys network power users video storage lp input audio wheel pi

Sorry I didn’t clarify that I installed my system with manual installation using this tutorial [root tip] Do a manual Manjaro installation so the user was created manually by using useradd -m -G <groups> -s /bin/bash USERNAME, so the groups may not be the defaults.
I followed the second article to create the user so the groups are audio,lp,optical,video,sys,network,scanner,power
However, I read the ArchWiki Users and groups - ArchWiki and it says audio,video,optical,scanner are not needed anymore since systemd can manage it, so not sure how Manjaro setting manager handles this.

The defaults are listed in the profile.conf for the ISO profile in question.

Additional groups are usually not required.

Manjaro adds some additional groups to the first user which is usually the super or admin user.

When creating additional users those are created as homeless users with a corresponding group and nothing more.

For anyone who is interested, the groups are listed in the 71th line in

They are lp,network,power,wheel

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