What about this wallpapers?


I like them. Organic rocks, Estás hecho un artista en todos los campos tron! :smile:

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I’m uploading in the same folder the original file called Manjaro_BORG_RED_1920x1080_layered.xcf
Is better if you see it than to explain :slight_smile:
Always work with layers and never raw edit the merged *.jpg or *.png file. When in layers and folders, each element can be treated separately, colorize it, apply different blending modes, effects etc. GIMP is quite powerful and you can learn the workflow in it in no time.
Think to an idea, make sure you get inspiration from others, make a textures and color palettes collection. Files that are *.jpg will always lose a bit of the crisp and clarity, so better work with *.png, later on each wallpaper can be optimized so it doesn’t take much space and memory.

Wallpapers are not my thing, there are way more exquisite artists even in this community that created some cool stuff and have a better technique. When i get some spare time i play around, that’s it :slight_smile:

So, check again that folder and download the gimp file … look at the structure for each and what i used for layers and blending modes.
Or download it from here https://www.mediafire.com/view/pp6kr4rt9iwr29d/Manjaro_BORG_RED_1920x1080_layered.xcf/file
I’ll think about some good gimp tutorials, but now none comes to my mind and i have to look at some notes i had some time ago.

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I really really really love this one. Great work !

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Just a request - do you have this wall paper without the Manjaro logo?
Excellent work, very nice.

Thank you.



You can grab the original file i provided above, and disable the layer with the logo when you export it with GIMP :slight_smile: Hope that helps!



thanks, I guess I will have to learn GIMP. Never used it, but willing to try.




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