What about this wallpapers?



Played a bit, just for fun and i thought to share. Not sure i’m up to the task to impress anybody, but some of you might like them
This is just a screenshot.

More here:


Nice !


The first two wallpapers are great!


I like the wallpapers 1, 2, 5 and 6 best.
Well done! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! IF i will have time, i might try to make a wallpaper and a conky script to work together as i envision it.


Two more wallpapers. More organic (not sure why is not possible to have a preview from mediafire so, i’ll post a screenshot)
I was inspired by some quantum theme i saw a while ago …


I really like those. Thanks.


Um… kinda looks like a hotel bed spread under UV black light… either blood spatter, or… some other kind of spatter… :blush:


hehehe … Maybe in the thumbnail size has less graphical information and can be interpreted :smiley:
I think the quantum got the inspiration from the double-helix DNA (also the theme for Artixlinux), but got it more stylized. What i was aiming with the colors is to keep the Manjaro green, some other color to not be a complementar to it, and white + a bit of transparency (that seems to be discussed/questioned this days) of Manjaro team.
Thanks for your sincere feedback!


4 more wallpapers for different themes. Hope you enjoy them :slight_smile:
Preview here:

The actual files (in *.png format) here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1tvzkt5sex0ut/ArchWorld

Edit UPDATE: added +3 more with “s” from simple, without textures. The link is still valid, just needs a refresh if there are not 7 images in that folder. Cheers!


As a Trekkie, love your Borg ones :heart_eyes:


Well hey there @Uzi
I have been the master of OT recently… probably the overwork and the drinking it brings…
But hey, heres your prophit : Klingon Metal.

The production isnt great, but its the thought that counts.


Adding a comment to this old post would be necro-bumping ? If so, then it can be closed, but i just found a wallpaper i did in 2015 and i called it “Wrong Episode”, and since there are here some SF fans, and Trump just announced the “Space Force” initiative, i thought to share this wallpaper here too, and … May the SForce be with you in June too !

I had it uploaded elsewhere with my signature, but since LucasFilm refused any collaboration, that signature means nothing, so this is without it and is not for commercial purposes anyway :slight_smile:


C3PO wielding weapons is rather hilarious to me.


I wanted him to be my main character and all the off context jokes to start from ‘Oh dear!’, so i draw all the characters separately so they could go in front of him one by one. Maybe was way to jokey. The T-shirts never came to fruition, and even tho the composition is a bit off regarding the perspective and the dynamism, i put them all together anyway, resulting that wallpaper :slight_smile:


To match my red scheme, I tried my best to create red version of the borg wallpapers. I have never done any editing before so its not that great. If anyone wants to create a better red versions of the borg wallpapers, I will be delighted.


Fixed it for you :slight_smile: but keeping the slight metallic circuit board lines


thanks @bogdancovaciu, the version I did took me so long and it wasnt even good. Would you be so kind as to do the same treatment to the other borg wallpaper (manjaro_borg2) and tell me how you managed to do it so quickly.


I couldn’t recall what was that exactly and i had only few minutes at disposal, and i also noticed that the red you used had a bit more presence visually, so … Hope you like this:

Because of the compression, i will upload them elsewhere … and post the link here.
Update Link:


thanks again @bogdancovaciu, all of them look great! Could you give some tips on how I can accomplish the same thing, so I can do it in the future.