What about Manjaro and WSL support?

Hello. So as you all know, ubuntu and fedora are available on the windows 10 store, and from a pragmatic point of view, having a linux environment on w10 is very useful.

Arch works fine there, but Arch devs arent interested on WSL, so, isnt this a chance for Manjaro to be the arch option for the people needing an arch-like linux environment on W10? That would be cool, I would definitely rather install Manjaro on W10 rather than Ubuntu.

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Without the support given by Arch in first I see that hard

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There are already graphical application on WSL?

I think that it will interest you:

And https://github.com/riag/manjaro-linux-for-wsl

Install Xming on Windows 10 and the graphical Linux applications will run pretty well!

I don’t see the point of Manjaro in WSL. It adds nothing over vanilla Arch - you don’t benefit from any kernel, driver, or installation tooling.


I agree and don’t about you and the other guys here, but I strongly prefer not use Windows at all if it can be avoided.

im totally against such idea it will tarnish manjaro’s image by using it in win10.but its just my opinion.
if you can run manjaro in win10.whats the point of manjaro’s existance?

For me personally, I was issued a W10 laptop at work. I run Manjaro in a VM, where I intentionally isolate it from my W10 data. However, sometimes I do want to access my host files. For that, I have at few use cases for WSL (in my case, Ubuntu):

  • Running perl (in my case to reformat some text files prior to importing to Excel) is much cleaner in WSL than in Windows (either directly or under cygwin).
  • Downloading ISOs for testing installation in a VM (using zsync for Kubuntu and wget for Manjaro via OSDN) seems much more reliable than using my browser.
  • Command-line git to github enterprise.
  • Viewing text files with *nix terminated newlines directly in vim.

1st reason is that Archlinux isnt in the MS store. If Arch were in the w10 store it would add nothing over vanilla arch, but it isnt.
2nd because I like manjaro and I would prefer to have some arch based distro in w10 instead of ubuntu or opensuse.

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Does it matter if it is in the store or not? Not being in the store seems like an advantage from my perspective.

It matters if you have to run Windows 10 (e.g. on a work machine) but still want all the goodness of Arch.

Debian is in the Store and it works well, but it’s not Arch.

For anyone who can just run Linux, then WSL is pretty darned pointless.

My point, although poorly stated, was that all the store does is download the file and unpack it for you. You could just download it yourself from another source without the store.

Many enterprises don’t even allow use of the store.

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Ah, yes. If you can run it outside of the store then that’s probably the better way of doing it. It also means MS can’t decide to remove it from your system if they decide they don’t like Linux any more.

i doubt that after all its they decide what they want to keep. with update if they make future updates incompatible with wsl what can user do?

Seems to be now we have Archlinux in the W10 store (not official but its still arch)