Were linux59 RC4 nvidia drivers pulled from the repos?

I had linux59 installed since the nvidia drivers were released. But after the update to rc4, the driver stopped working, and while trying to update/reinstall I found out that the driver was not in the unstable repos. Not 440xx, not 450xx, nothing. Drivers for linux58 are still available.

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As you could already guess, linux59 is still an experimental kernel, and on top of that, Nvidia drivers are proprietary software. So there is at this point no guarantee that the drivers would work with linux59, and in fact, the newest release candidate may have broken them.

As you may or may not know, Linus Torvalds has recently decided not to be forthcoming to Nvidia anymore, and so the shim that used to sit between the kernel and the proprietary blob is gone now. This in turn requires a very precise interaction between the kernel and the driver from here on, and I guess that this is now broken.

As linux59 is either way still experimental, it is recommended that you’d use linux58 if you want to make use of the proprietary Nvidia drivers.


That sucks. Guess I’ll just keep using linux58 then

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