Welcome to the new Manjaro Forum

Fellow Manjaro users,

Our forums malfunctioned and all of the uploaded images were lost. We made an effort to recover the lost files, but the backups and archives were affected as well. We don’t yet know the root cause for sure, but our service provider speculated it might have been due to a botched update.

The missing files left the forum in a rather unpleasant state, and it could not be cleaned to a satisfactory condition. Therefore we decided to start from scratch on a new platform to ensure functionality and security of the forum. We also took the opportunity to restructure it to be more accessible for new users. We also try to make it easier for everyone to participate in the development of Manjaro.

The old forum is still accessible in archived.forum.manjaro.org, if you need to access something from there. In time we aim to port the most useful solutions and tips to the new platform, and we invite you to join this effort.

So, welcome to the new Manjaro forums!