Welcome and introduce yourself - 2020

My name is Arshia Aghaei
I’m a 20-year-old Computer Engineering student

I’ve used Ubuntu since I was 15 (for about 2 years) then I decided to try out new Linux distros and ended up trying Manjaro KDE at first, but then moved to XFCE.

Looking forward to learning things about Manjaro and probably sticking with it


Hi everyone. I’ve been all over the place trying to find something that works for me in the Linux world, and you really can’t imagine my surprise when I decided on Manjaro Gnome! I’ve tried so many distros, and even different Manjaro flavors. This is the first time I’ve used Gnome in an environment that actually performed beautifully, with speed, no delay and rock freakin’ solid. I’m sold!

Your implementation of a Unity style setup is beautiful! And, everything I work with from Word Processing to Spreadsheets and Video editing with Shotcut works flawlessly. You have absolutely created what I’ve been searching for.

Please keep up the high level of effort and integrity I’m seeing from Manjaro, and I’m looking forward to the future. I’m a total convert, now.


Wow, this is definitely an International community. I am located in North Carolina, USA - about 20 miles from Red Hat HQ. I have dabbled with Red Hat from 5.8 (ca. 1998) until RH 8 when I started to figure out what I was doing. I used 8 and 9 part time then played with Fedora up to about Core 4. I found an Ubuntu iso on Usenet and decided to give it a try.

I used Ubuntu pretty much full time at 8.04. Issues with a new PC and Ubuntu 10.04 pushed me back to the Hat side of the house. I ran CentOS 6 for several years and am now running CentOS 7. I have had some fallings out with RHEL/CentOS 8 so I am looking around. I have always had something running Ubuntu and currently have a couple of machines running Ubuntu Mate 20.04.

I have been running Manjaro Mate for a couple of days as a virtual machine in VMWare on my CentOS 7 workstation. I have always found the Arch documentation to be first class regardless of what distro I am using. But I want the distro to work for me and not the other way around :smiley: That is why I am giving Manjaro a try.



Another Processing user!

And obviously a developer, which I am not particularly although I do write the occasional Python script when I need something done automagically.

And I like doing interesting graphics tricks in Processing, but I then abduct my work directly into the arts and humanities. I haven’t enough lifetimes to learn all the things!

Anyway. Cool. I mostly use Processing for poking around into complexity and chaos and noise and other unpredictables. I get unduly excited when someone else knows what it is. :slight_smile:

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OK I confess I still use OS X (yeah I know it is MacOS now but my love/hate relationship with the fruity company is leaning further to the dislike side daily so I’m grasping at remnants of the halcyon years) and even have three iOS devices–jailbroken, naturally. I got my first taste of *nix when Apple moved from OS 9 to OS X and it wasn’t long before I drank from the Linux fountain because holy crap was that stuff powerful!

Windows? Only when there was no other choice. Never ever did it touch any hardware of my own.

Truth be told, I’m not sure how the addiction narrative should run in my case. :thinking:


Hi Everyone,

A 1d old noob here just and just wanted to tell you thank you for all these efforts in the background on behalf of all the the noob newbies on the stable :wink: Until I reached to this forum thread now, I did not even have a clue about how hard and risky all day work goes on behind the curtains so we all can enjoy this amazing OS. :star_struck:

Just so you know, when I found Manjaro, a day after I deleted my Win10 completely after decades on Windows. I installed Debian stable, testing, centOS, Arch, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Solus, PureOS, Kali and many more for a few hours for a day but MANJARO has caused the LESS issues to me, installed the most packages without errors or popups (even Steam and I already played Arma3 on Linux!) and I swear, this MANJARO is the fastest Linux of all I tried, blazing fast and snappy on my power PC setup.



Currently there’s a fascinating conversation going on at the processing forum, which you might find interesting.



I am new-ish to linux, though I have “used” it on the chromebook for work run MS code and postman. I need to know more.

To that end i have converted an old desktop, successfully got Manjaru i3 running with node.js, Ms code, and postman , got ssh setup to access my react project cloned and ready to test/debug. Quite pleased with my progress this evening! Seeing my app work on my linux box after very little effort was gratifying.

I’m struggling with gitkraken though, it crashes when i try to do anything… Also no idea if it is possible to get the amazon workspace client installed.


Nice thread and good idea. I’ve been using linux for many years, running Arch Linux on most of my embedded devices. Manjaro was a very elegant way to start with my AMD PC - I love it. I’m using this distro for more than two years, have been in this forum since then. The users of this forum are very helpful, not conceited and friendly. So it is a good place to be.


Oooooh. There goes my day! Week. Month? Depends on how much more math I need to review.

Thanks for the tip!


Hi, I am MD Intisar. I have been using Ubuntu and its derivatives for years. But I, myself got bored of it. I found Manjaro to be very polished and user friendly and also the community is great.

I like polished distros and mostly newer packages are a boon. A rolling distro based on Arch like Manjaro is great for me.
I am a Linux enthusiast. I am fond of this community and I wish everybody would use free and open source softwares.



After switching from Win10 like 2 weeks ago, and distro hopping like 20 distros back and forth, tried all desktops and struggling with everything including a line by line Arch install (copy paste) now I am firmly back to Manjaro with KDE :wink: I still cannot print on my Brother only on my Ricoh but still this is the best distro I have found. :relaxed:

I like Manjaro OS and the people of this forum so much that I have just donated a small 10 Euro amount to the dev team and will repeat this annually (same or higher amount). :innocent: Thank you!

Ps.: Also donated to the dev of the magical Timeshift which creates and restores system backups actually in 100ms (not kidding, 100ms or less). That is some evil black magic I am pretty sure or illegal alien tech


Hello, I am Ólafur. I have started my Linux journey in 2009 when I tried out Ubuntu. Like many, I started on Ubuntu/Linux Mint to begin with. I started trying Manjaro out maybe 3 years ago (the very first time), and now I have ran this distro as my main for almost a year.

I am very happy with the stability, friendly support, and I have tried to help when I can. I LOVE AUR!!! If I can think of it, it is probably in AUR. And that is the point. On Ubuntu based distro, I sometimes had to install from repository, but here pamac/pacman has all the answers.

Manjaro is in my opinion easier than Ubuntu, and I can not complain about the stability. Hoping to be a dedicated Manjaro user for many years (and yes, when I get a job, I will support the project).


Hi all, my name is Robert.

I’m from Poland, but spent almost my life in Rome. Now I’m back to Poland after 23 years, but still have Rome in my heart. I’ve made some changes in my life, and now I’ve got my own family with two babies, so I’ve fall into Linux in this technological era :stuck_out_tongue:
My change to Linux was about 4 months ago, starting with some videos on yt, then searching, learning from books and curses, changing distros from Mint to Ubuntu, finally trying Arch (after 5 wrong installations I did it), then discovered Manjaro. And I think I’ll stop here, because it suits me very well.
So happy to be here and thanks for all the work you made :slight_smile:


It was an excess of those which drove me from Windows! :stuck_out_tongue: … I tended to spend about as much time swearing at the computer as actually using it! :right_anger_bubble:

Now I’m firmly :anchor:-ed in the Linux world. Never looked back.

… although I am sure you meant “courses” :wink:


I’m glad I’m not the only person who spent half their time swearing at windows. The amount of times I’ve stuck 2 fingers up at a pc while running windows and tried to throw it out of the window.


I usually just throw rocks at them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahahah. Maybe, or I’m just cursing the days spent looking at the “windows” :slight_smile:

Ps. My English it’s not that good however, but in this case yes, I’ve forgot an “o”.

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Hello there! I don’t want to say my name due to personal information. I am from Australia and previously used Ubuntu one year ago. That PC blew up so one of my family members gave me this old laptop I am using (I am getting a new one soon). :smiley: I decided to switch to Linux because when I used Windows 10, I started researching about Linux and found out that Linux is better. I took a quiz and popped up with Manjaro and openSUSE Tumbleweed. I chose Manjaro because it said openSUSE Tumbleweed is designed for users of openSUSE and not Linux beginners. :laughing: I don’t regret switching to Linux and I don’t use Adobe anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: I heard of LibreOffice and GIMP which I both had experience with before (I never use GIMP that much because I am rock bottom noob at it). Manjaro is awesome and when I was watching a video on Manjaro, I HAD TO GET THE CAT WALLPAPER. Please welcome me into this community and I hope I have an awesome time on this forum.


Hello Everyone! I’m not new to Linux having used prior distros, mostly deb distros starting with Ubuntu and other flavors and switching to Mint and a few others but none of them ever stuck for everyday use. I feel still very much a beginner. I installed Manjaro about 2 weeks ago and the install was pretty easy although it broke my booting into windows. But between the forum and google, I was able to resolve it although I couldn’t find the exact error. Manjaro ended up being set in the UFEI as the first bootable device, once removed and rebuilding grub I was able to get back into windows. So far I have exclusively used Manjaro for all my personal stuff only dual booting to windows for work purposes, I have an Exchange 2016 Messaging Lab I run on my personal laptop for testing.