Weird "screen tearing" but not screen tearing

I have a problem with my laptop’s graphics.
I have this weird glitch where UI and app elements doesn’t refresh properly. They start to refresh in a horizontal blocks, like 1 x 64 pixels but take a really long time. Plus it doesn’t always happen. The worst offender is probably app Konsole - when I press up to see the last command it rarely shows right away, only after few seconds. It also happens on UI elements like exit button on a task bar, in file explorer when I hover/click once on file the select color also changes slowly in those blocks. Strangely It doesn’t happen for example in web browser, or VSCode, although I do have a little bit of a regular screen tearing in those apps, but nothing major, and as far as I know it’s a common problem. Here it is how it looks, it doesn’t show up on the screenshots and I don’t have a capture card so lo-fi screenshot it is.

I have a hybrid GPUs - intel HD 530 + GTX 960M, now I am running “video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime” driver, I tried kernels 5.4.150-1 (I have problems with sleep on newer ones), 4.19.208-1, both open source and proprietary drivers and they haven’t changed anything. Also running apps with prime-run doesn’t help. Also it doesn’t happen in virtual consoles, or however it’s called (ctrl+alt+F2).

Fractional scaling can cause glitches like those you describe.

Unfortunately it’s, not this, I don’t have it enabled.