Weird Plasma sys tray networks icon showing red no connection symbol when connected

I did have some ethernet connection issues last week, but reset my modem and it's all ok. Though sometimes when I come back from hibernation I have to disconnect and reconnect manually. However upon doing that and also after a normal system boot, my networks icon has this red disconnected overlay symbol for no apparent reason.
It's not an issue really, except that if my network really was disconnected it won't be obvious to me until I get a Firefox webpage network connection problem message.

I remember someone posting something very similar to this not long ago. If I remember correctly they changed their theme to correct it.

Sometime ago I had a red icon with intermittent connection issues. I though it was my router's fault until I added DNSSEC=no in etc/systemd/resolved.conf. The icon went back to white I had no connection issues since then.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I'm giving that a try.

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