Weird "No Input or Output Device" behaviour after switching DisplayPort Cables

So, this is more of a cosmetic issue because it is easily reversible, but it is just strange.
The Basics: Manjaro KDE stable, Soundchip onboard deactivated in Bios, Soundchip/HDMI on GPU, deactivated in KDE, and finally the ASUS Xonar STX soundcard that I use. Build comes as dual-monitor setup. The system is quite new, so I often changed things hardwarewise during the last weeks, but now the build is finished. One last time into the bios… wait, what is that? Bios on the wrong display, must fucked up the DP-cables 2 days ago when I finalised the cable management. So shutdown, change cables, be lucky… I guess? But NO! No sound anymore. Display order is correct, but there is no sound. There is no sound device available in the KDE sound mixer. How comes? What the? It still shows the deactivated ATI gpu sound thingy, but not the Xonar. lspci | grep -i audio still shows both devices, and now I am stuck with what to do. Ofc I changed the cables back to enjoy some sound, and its working just fine… as long as I don’t go into the BIOS, that is… Any clues how to analyze this further and hopefully solve it?

I do not see how changing GPU display connections could affect the audio card if the HDMI audio is deactivated and not in use

But if you are only using the one audio device It may help to blacklist the HDMI audio

Heya, I don’t get it either. As this was the only change I had done I was quite puzzled that it was the root cause.
Thanks for your suggestion, will try. Is every HDMI-GPU-based sound device called
in this conf file?

if you check the audio devices in system

inxi -Ax

Onboard audio devices and HDMI usually use driver: snd_hda_intel
But the Asus device has it’s own driver: snd_virtuoso