Weird monitor bug on manjaro kde

Hey, I already wrote this on the Discord server but it’s kinda dead so here it is again.

I have a weird problem where my monitor reconnects all the time.
I currently have a 4 monitor setup, 3 in a row and one on top.
The funny thing is, in windows it works and in the loginscreen in manjaro too. It just turns off when I log in.

Here is a video about what i mean:

And here is a screenshot of my driver configuration:

Any idea on what this could be?

Uhm, so I turned another monitor on and off once, that then caused all monitors to turn on and off. (only if the cable of the “defect” monitor is connected)

Then I tried to turn the “defect” monitor in the short time it was connected on and it just worked. I don’t know why it worked now, but yeah, here we are. I could have swear it didn’t work yesterday…

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