Weird kernel issues - monitors messing up - kernel not detecting correct monitor resolution

Hi ,

I have some weird kernel issues using the latest kernel…

I have 4x monitors connected with an RX 6900XT . sometimes when I boot or when the screen saver turns off the monitors - and turn them on again everything is messed up. (monitors changing positions , changing resolutions and so on.)

I have tried with xrandr and is working but I have found another problem

Sometimes at boot kernel doesnt recognize one of my monitors and it has resolutions up to 1024x768 instead of 1920x1080, this cant be fixed with xrandr because the kernel have already detected these monitors reslutions and supposedly that specific resolutions are correct.

Using the LTS kernel everything is working fine but it is happening with the latest kernel 5.13 and I think with the 5.12 as well.

What is the compelling reason for you to run 5.13 if 5.10 is working just fine?

If none, please read this:

Especially the section: Linux has multiple kernels


Changing the Display cable solved the Issue.

This is the 4th cable I have tried.

My monitor didnt have a display port cable so I was trying different cables -

Display port to HDMI - 3 TESTED - 2 FAILED - 1 OK
Display port to VGA - 1 TESTED - FAILED

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