Weird issues with virt-manager

I was using manjaro since October and everything was fine. I setup single gpu passthrough using virt-manager/libvirt and vfio. Everything was ok and my system was up to date.

Yesterday I reinstalled whole OS (to have better setup for virtualization) and since then the virt-manager is weird.
The issues:
a) before I was able to enable “Enable available CPU security flaw mitigations” when using host-passthrough cpu. Now when I click on in and hit apply it just uncheck itself
b) Before I was able to prepare new VM with qcow drive and then manualy edit it in XML to use virtio and existing device. Now, when I do it and hit apply, the changes reverts immediately back to original values
c) when adding my GPU on 43:0.0 and my HDMI sound o 43:0.1 before it was added as 43:0.0 and 43.0.1. Now it still shows 43.0.0 (and 1) but in xml it is under 67.0.0 and 67.0.1, which seems odd.

Does anybody has idea why is this happening?
Thanks a lot for any help

I’m not an expert on this area, but I think you might accomplish the changes you want using virsh instead.

Thanks :slight_smile: yes, I was able to edit it via virsh, but I would like to know what is going on. Also the strange issue with PCI addresses makes me uncomfortable…