Weird issues after update a few days ago

I am on Manjaro Gnome. Recently there was an update over 1 GBs. I performed the update using pamac update using a new TTY. After the update I have noticed a few annoying issues. For example, in firefox when I open a new tab, it's like the screen freezes and it does not refresh. I can move the mouse and once I get the mouse to the top of the screen to the top bar, the screen refreshes and the new tab opens. Also, when I click the Win key to show all the windows that are open, some windows get stuck as if I haven't pressed the Win key and they are shown above other windows(picture attached). Any ideas?

Notice how the terminal got stuck and it did not become smaller.

Are you logging in wayland session ? Try the X one ...
Also it seems you will need to fix the already exists in filesystem first and make sure the update process was successful.

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I just switched to X11. Same problem

when something goes wrong with gnome, start by disabling all extensions. does the problem go away? if yes, then turn each extension back on 1 at a time until the problem comes back and you'll know whats causing the issue.

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