Weird issue with Firefox and youtube

when i have a window with a white background on the desktop and watch a YouTube video on the mini-player or the theater mode,there’s kind of an vertical flickering rectangle on a portion of the video itself(usually on it’s left or right side);it’s like the color is unsteady.
but on full screen mode it’s fine with either of the player’s size.
on the other hand,with a black background window(like my dolphin is set right now),then it’s all fine.

i tried disabling translucency in the windows settings,but it doesn’t help.
it’s nothing major as i just make sure there are no open windows on my desktop while on YouTube,but i thought I’d share/report.

That’s interesting. Do you have any firefox plugins for canvas blocking or fingerprinting? Those extensions sometimes make Youtube or other sites look.

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not sure if the ones i have are considered canvas or fingerprinting blockers but I’ll list them:
umatrix,ublock origin,decentraleyes,noscript.https everywhere,temporary containers(cookie auto delete).
this wasn’t occurring in windows with the same add-ons.

Try launching Firefox in save mode. To do that go to about:profiles, then select restart with add-ons disabled.

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still the same.

It is likely a bug with Firefox. You can report Mozilla bugs here. I would try reinstalling Firefox or try installing Firefox Developer Edition to see if you have the same issue with that.

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so you don’t have this issue…
what if you open pamac(assuming it’s a white window and not dark themed)leave it on the desktop and try to watch a youtube video on the two smallest screen options?(it’s usually more visible with lower quality videos).

I tried that out and it worked fine for me. I honestly have no idea what the cause of this issue could be but I hope you are able to solve it.

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Thank you.