Weird graphic glitches / fragments appearing

I have some weird graphics bugs on my notebook, primarily on applications that have input fields like the standard texteditor, the standard calculator, Firefox or others.
For some reason screenshots can't capture those bugs (they disappear again when you open some applications), so I had to make some (bad) photos. I'm not sure if it's a Gnome-related problem, it rather feels like a driver issue. As you can see in the photos some rectangular fragments of my desktop randomly appear. I can't click on them and they overlap all other applications, so pretty annoying.

Some system infos: Gnome Version 3.36.2, Kernel 5.6.12, Intel HD Graphics 620 with kernel driver i915, window manger X11

Xorg settings I already tried: Option "TearFree" "true", Option "DRI" "2", Option "DRI" "False", Option "NoAccel" "True".

I'd cautiously say the problem is probably gone after switching to video-modesetting. Is there any disadvantage using this instead of video-linux?

There should be not problem using video-modesetting.

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