Weird forum user name

I ended up with a terrible user name, I certainly didn’t pick it. Is there something I can do about?

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No, but we can. Just tell us ─ via a private message, if you prefer ─ what name you’d like. The only caveat is that spaces in a name are not allowed. :wink:

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Feeling pretty stupid, but I cannot find any control for private messages here or on your profile page … 8(

Click on your avatar in the top right corner and then double-click the envelope icon. It should take you to your inbox, and there should be a button to send a new PM. Then just type my name with an “@” in front in the field for the recipient.

No such button …

2020.11.16_16:47_-_New Message_Button

Just to prove, that I am not completely stupid I wanted to place a screenshot, however I seem not to be allowed to place any media in my posts … 8S

However, No Such Button. i dot imgur dot com / 2AbxvPZ.png

Are you using some weird browser plugins that block scripts, by any chance? And does the button appear if you change the forum theme in your preferences?

No weird plugins, just ublock and another few standards…
Changing the theme didn’t do anything (apart from changing the theme)…

And ublock is disabled, so not even this can be it.

I have now moved you to trust level 1. See if it makes a difference.

(Pinging @moderators).

You seem trustworthy. Would you care to join us on our noble quest? ©

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consider changing your password :joy:

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I think it’s a really original name. You should keep him :wink:

Next time just PM a user like this: They cannot initiate PMs, but can respond to them…

(Or at least: that worked last time I tried…)


P.S. As I don’t know if the user has changed their name or not, not able to close this topic meaningfully

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The user has contacted me via a PM ─ now possible because I gave them TL1 status ─ but I am yet uncertain as to what new name they want.

Their original name (from the old forum) was already taken ─ even though I cannot find the account ─ and they suggested some other name, but it sounded quite outrageous, so I didn’t know whether that was to be taken seriously.

They have not gotten back to me since. So, pending their reply… :man_shrugging:


All solved now. :man_shrugging: