Weird flickering in Manjaro Linux whilst using Virtualbox

I’m trying to virtualize Manjaro on my Macbook Air using Virtualbox and I’ve found that there’s some weird flickering whilst trying to use Manjaro virtualized. It’s present on only VboxSVGA and VboxVGA, but it’s recommended you use those. Anyone know any fixes? I heard you turn off Wayland to fix it, but I don’t know how to do that. Thanks!


You did not provided any other information about the host operating system on your apple device, If is MacOS/OSx please read this:

We can’t know what version of Virtual Box you have installed.

You did not mentioned what DE (desktop environment) you are using for the Manjaro guest install. Wayland session in a couple of them can be set or not at login screen. If the DE is Gnome then you chose Gnome X11 session. If is Plasma you avoid Plasma Wayland session.