Weird behaviour of Forum site

For a week or so I notice some weird behaviour of this site:

  1. Unread posts stays unread (the first unread post changes background from grey to white but the green point on the right side just stays there)
  2. If this behaviour occurs, I can't write a post (When I press "Create Topic"/"Save", the "Saving" lasts forever)
  3. If I give a heart to a post it is gone the next time I open the thread.
  4. I can't log of.

Everything looks normal. I can browse the whole forum site but I can't actively participate.
What I found out so far: This behaviour occurs in different browsers. I tried Vivaldi (standard browser) and Firefox.
If I clear all browser history and cache, the next time it will work again. But after a short time the same weird behaviour occurs again.

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The server is likely overloaded. The only thing you can do on your side is coming back outside peak hours. :fire:


I just have to refresh the site with STRG+F5. Then I get the normal "behaviour" back.

Or maybe move to another place. Apperently some users have much bigger performance issues than others (me)

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