Weird behavior when logging in

My laptop is acting weird when logging in manjaro os.
When I type the first key of my password, that letter is typed way too many times than I wrote.
After I am done deleting the useless characters, I am unable to type in the password field again.
I am using KDE desktop environment and linux kernal: 5.5.19-1


Is an EOL kernel. Please update the system and install a LTS kernel or a supported one.

Thanks for the quick reply,
Sorry I am running kernel version: 5.6.12-1
I have these options in which i am running the default installed kernel:

It seems to have been fixed.
I did not do anything particular to solve this issue except updating my system to install a package.

exactly what i pointed out

and that is doing something

Update is a specified task, hence it has a particularity :slight_smile:

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