Webdav Mount won't work anymore

Hello there,

since the last update i get the following message trying to mount my nextcloud-share:

[peter@mynotebook ~]$ mount /media/nextcloud/
/usr/bin/mount.davfs: kann die Gruppendatenbank nicht lesen

The error message means “can’t read group database” in german. I only want to mount my nextcloud share when i need it, so i put the following line in my /etc/fstab:

[peter@mynotebook ~]$ cat /etc/fstab | grep -i nextcloud /media/nextcloud davfs rw,user,uid=peter,noauto 0 0

I don`t know which group database could be broken during the last update or if the webdav mount configuration have to be changed.

Thanks a lot


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Did you replace your /etc/group with a /etc/group.pacnew file?

You don’t have to specify credentials when mounting - specify in the credentials in the /etc/davfs2/secrets file.

A recent change in util-linux-libs is causing this error. If you run on util-linux-libs-2.37.1-1, downgrade to a previous version. For me, util-linux-libs-2.37-3 seems to be working fine.

This is fixed, so we just need to wait for the release: Upgrading to 2.37.1 breaks mount.davfs · Issue #1398 · karelzak/util-linux · GitHub

Thanks to all of you. I missed the information about the error in the update. Since i only need to mount my nextcloud from time to time i’ll wait until the next release.

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