webcam in firefox on pinebook pro

I wonder if anyone has the webcam working properly in a browser for the pinebook pro yet? I can access it without any problems using mpv, but it doesn't seem to be accessible in firefox. Running the tests at

indicates that "your webcam shows a one color filling". The same site works fine under stock debian. This is with sway, running the latest mesa-git, FWIW.

Thanks for any help!

So, the issue is still present in the latest firefox. It doesn't seem to affect chromium. I found reports of a similar issue in the Phronix forums. Again, the camera works in firefox on Debian. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to file a bug report?

Testing in Firefox I'm seeing the same as you report, however using the Vivaldi browser or Chromium browser the test completes successfully (if 5 frames per second can be considered successful for your use cases). This is on a PBP running Manjaro Plasma with the Panfrost/GLES video drivers.

Thanks for the confirmation. 5 fps is much better than nothing...

I've also found that an external logitech webcam is not detected in firefox, even though it shows up under /dev and works very well (including 30 fps, vs 10 on the built-in) with mpv.

Incidentally, have you tried changing the video format using v4l2-ctl, to see if that helps with the framerate? The fps seems to be much better at 640x480 than at higher resolutions.

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