Webcam doesn't work on my laptop using Cheese

Hello everyone, I’m using the Manjaro gnome version on my laptop (Asus Tuf F15).The problem is that the webcam does not work in the Chesse application, it opens and says No device found.
Interesting because it was working fine last week on my laptop.
Can someone please kindly tell me how to fix it? Thank you very much!


On the same install? Then something might have changed. Have you tried in a new test user? You might identify the issue by going trough Webcam setup - ArchWiki

Hy Bogdan, yes is the same install, i tried with new user to, but it dosen’t works.
It’s very strange… No device found :frowning:

Hi!! I have two notebooks runing Manjaro both instaled one last friday and one today (sunday 12/4/2022). Inspirion N 5110 Not working web cam but Aspire A315-21G V1.12 working excelent. :thinking: