Webcam color turned into grayscale kernel i915 SIMPLE SOLUTION

Hi Everyone,
thanks for all the valuable info and support that can be found here in the forum.
Actually, I’m not seeking help now but would like to share a solution for my problem that I could just resolve.
After the latest update all of a sudden my webcam image turned into kind of grayscale/ strange color, strange saturation, etc. I was checking several forums, long threads, but nothing really seemed to work. I was struggling to solve the issue.
Eventually, I installed guvcview , then I ran ls /dev/video* to get my camera id and after this, I applied the guvcview -d /dev/video command so in the GUI settings tab I could restore to hardware defaults and the colors immediately came back, everything okay.
I’m sharing this solution because others might also have this problem that actually was so simple to solve… after I found the right solution :smiley:

Hi @d0rk4, and welcome!

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Thank you!

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