Webapp-manager-manjaro hasn't been updated in 2 years

During the update to 24.0.0, pyside2 was updated. Since it’s in AUR, it had to be build, which took a long time (it seems to only use 1 thread). So, I checked what that dependency required, python-jade-application-kit needed it, and python-jade-application-kit was required by webapp-manager-manjaro, which hasn’t been updated for 2 years. In contrast, webapp-manager does get updated and doesn’t seem to have any issues; the web apps appear to work correctly. So why does Manjaro continue to use webapp-manager-manjaro?

Well, I cannot find it in the database. So must have been removed, just on your system it will not be removed automatically.

After update, me personally looks in the foreign tab of the installed packages in pamac. If there is something new there i try to understand why it was removed from the repos and find an alternative and then remove it. Then i go to the orphans tab and remove them too.
Or maybe the other way around, first the orphans.

Alternatively i have a command line routine for that in my manjaro cheatsheet, pretty much the first 10 commands every time (update, aur, foreign,orphan,cache)

I noticed that the last makepkg.conf.pacnew reset it back to a single thread.

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