We need your help



I really like it but you should fix the manjaro logo.


Sorry about the delay I was afk. One or both of them?


Meh, it doesn´t matter, just wait for the team to reply to you :wink:, then if it is approved, you should replace those logos with the new ones.


Very well. I shall be watching very closely. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


FYI - New logos here:



I’ll make the adjustments now.


Hi and sorry for the delay.

I have remade one of them and added the official logo and changed a couple of colour to comply with the colour layout of Manjaro.


Feedback is appreciated.
Thank you.


Really like the second, the first one not too much because i got traumatized with the random gradients that microsoft made in XP.


Lol understandable. :slight_smile:

Maybe I overdid it with the gradient. I’ll hear a few more for feedback before making further changes.

Thank you for the feedback. Really appreciate it. ^^