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'LLo philm,

No more light/minimal/beta iso version to just test its bootloader ? (poor connection here :disappointed: !)



Sounds reliable (font…?) !
It comes in really big size (V-box) & it sounds keytab doesn’t follow (even if marked right in menu) choice of lang in live ?


If i may be honest this background looks still the best for me. I You need better text visibility, maybe it will be enough to dimm a bit the box in the middle? Personally i’d prefer simple and flat version of logo - without any strange addons.
Hope you don’t mind my opinion - i really dig all your work for us.
PS. It’s a bit offtopic but also connected with Live ISO and istallation.
Did it as a concept some time ago:


Just helping out a little here.
Like fhdk, “I am as good at this as a color blind chimpanse with a green banana”


icons are to be in an “icons” directory, that is in /themes/manjaro/icons
to be populated with small icons of .png format.

Nothing else to be done in them.txt
icons to be pulled in grub.cfg by “–class” so like this…

menuentry ‘Manjaro lxqt sdc12’ --class manjaro --class linux --class os

Thanks and good luck.


I don’t think green fonts go well with that background. And like edskeye said, I also prefer a flat logo/brand. On the other hand, I think the menu font would be better if it got a bit embolden.


I just tested that ISO image in a VirtualBox System:
Installed worked well. But the point “Installed BIOS-System on hd0,msdos1” does not work for me (I assume it should boot the newly installed system).
All in all I would say that the menu has too many options visible. It is no problem for someone installing Linux systems often but it is too much for a beginner IMHO.
Btw. It would be a nice enhancement if that graphical GRUB menu would also be available after the installation to select your kernel and maybe also the boot options.



I agree that

  • the flat white logo looks better, the green doesn’t match the backround
  • the many menu options could be confusing for a beginner
  • it would be nice to have a similar graphical grub after installation


Why are you switching to GRUB?


Is it planned to release it as normal boot theme too? It’s beautiful and leaving it only for install media which typical manjaro user uses once in lifetime would be a waste. Ordinary manjaro grub themes weren’t updated for some time and are outclassed by this one.


Woud be a matter of detail to deploy a slightly cut down grub theme for everyday use.
Reason we switched to grub was a unified bootloader handling bios and uefi mode in the same manner.


why not a video in grub as background ? :wink:


lol! Manjaro… PARIS :joy:


I am working on a design. It is animated. I have the basic design down and I made an animation with Synfig to show how it would look if it worked, my only problem is that I don’t quite know how to actually turn it into a working grub boot loader. My design looks like this:



Really appreciate the effort, but I think this is not doable at low level grub easily.
I also think, grub boot screen doesn’t need to be animated.
A progress bar that shows time countdown before autobooting is doable.
I am old school here, shiny bling must not take focus away from the purpose and functionality. Bootscreen should be simple in my view… which doesn’t mean necessarily ugly or so.


Creating orange Icoons with Inkscape. Incomplete set, what I got so-far, I’ll finish them if interested. Or I don’t even know if this project still open? :thinking:


Absolutely open, we still seek nice theming, ie background, icons. :slight_smile:


I think if you’re going to go with this type of menu it needs making a little more newbie friendly. Even just changing a few little things to be more explicit as to what does what can help. Like -


Start live environment from CD/DVD/ISO: etc…
Start live environment from Stick/HDD: etc…

The driver bit might be confusing as newbies might not know what that’s about, so not really sure what to suggest with that.
As the menu is right now the ‘From …’ bit isn’t obvious that’s what gets things going.

I wish I could help design something easy to use, I’m not very good at doing graphics tho. I’ll just have to stick to making suggestions lol

Would it be possible to use the mouse to select keyboard/language and the various options ? maybe in dropdown boxes/icons or something and have that remembered/picked up as the default when you get to the installer (calamares is it ?)

Just a few ideas really, I’m cool with the installer as it is :slight_smile:


To sum up my suggestions/opinion so far:

Backround: I think it’s ok to use the default Breath, it gives it a more uniform look

Icons: I like the white icons, colourful icons would be too much considering the backround is also colourful, the set just needs to be completed so that every entry has an icon

Entries: I agree that it has to be more beginner friendly. After all, this is not the Architect. I would go even further than 0_x1 and suggest something like

Timezone is set to UTC. Select to change.
Keyboard layout is set to English (United States). Select to change.
Language is set to English (United States). Select to change.
Drivers are set to FREE. Select to change.


Well I Inscaped some Icons, they aren’t perfect but hey simplicity is what counts. But if interested in them get them here on GitHub.


Dunno if I can still contribute to this but I would like to offer a couple of mock-ups if you’re interested.



I went for a clean and simple design without the noise to create focus on the text. They are in 4k but if anyone needs it to be smaller I can arrange this. :smiley: