We need to prioritize privacy

With recent offerings from Apple disallowing end users from crippling telemetry and Microsoft’s insistence that people keep it on with each passing major release of Windows, now moreso than ever is important to emphasize that a generic machine originally packed with Windows running any variety of operating system, Manjaro included is the only way a user’s expectation of privacy can be fulfilled while using a desktop computer these days.

Sure, there are ways around this for each platform eventually, but the marketing angle we should take is to never worry about it again. That, and less telemetry would help people on gimped data plans so their machine while it is on isn’t munching through bandwidth for sake of telemetry so long no other applications with any user-tracking features are in use.


Sounds like they are making progress.

This video was my original cause for concern.

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while telemetry may be a privacy issue (on Apple & MS) i would wager that a rolling release OS would not be the solution for someone on a limited data plan

Why not? If coming from Microsoft, Windows is basically a rolling distro these days anyway. Combined with the AUR, ease of handling both Pamac and Pacman from console, the inclusion of Pamac for easy browsing of the Arch User Repository, altogether it’s a pretty solid baby’s first (rolling) Linux.

I love Manjaro’s package management utilities. Sure as hell heads and shoulders above Ubuntu’s Update Manager utility and no need for third-party software management solutions means installation of software is typically pain-free.

I’d argue, Debian’s necessity to add sources for most third-party software manually, while more secure is a considerable inconvenience that makes Linux harder than it has to, and for my software use habits Manjaro is more suited than Ubuntu / Debian in my case. I just flip a switch in Pamac Manager to allow browsing the AUR and find what I want. Simple.

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If the data plan was not an issue then manjaro all the way, pretty sure it has some decent network/privacy tools available (more if u include the AUR).
But if i had limited data i’d be looking towards an OS with an LTS scheme.

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Just say’n,
Firefox has telemetry.
KDE/Plasma has telemetry.
And KDE/QT applications can use the interface.

Support distributions that practice good stewardship. Support the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The Linux Foundation Telemetry Policy.

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Yeah firefox isnt the best for privacy in that respect though it can be tweaked through its about config page.
KDE telemetry is set to off as default.