We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE



Is Manjaro worth €4.32 million?
In other words, is there a chance this will happen?


As safe as 6 real ones in the lottery :wink:


This would be a bargain! If Manjaro received 1 € per downloaded ISO, this amount would have been earned in about 3-4 months.


One would have to pay me 1,000 € per hour if I had to use Gnome professionally.

Before someone slaps me with a large trout, the price woud be the same for KDE :wink:


That reads more like the idiot had enabled the Yandex repositories or installed from the Yandex Fedora Remix at some point. Foreign packages don’t just suddenly deign to install themselves on any properly maintained system unless they’re user-initiated.


Ooh, the MP fish slapping skit; lubbly!


First, Linux Mint killing their KDE edition… According to Clement, KDE apps, ecosystem and QT toolkit have “very little in common” with their present project.

Second, Solus seems to not migrating Budgie to Qt

Third, Red Hat trying to remove KDE…

And last, but not least I decided to move up to a GTK desktop environment due to some bugs and inconsistency in themes on KDE.

I can only laugh to keep from crying


Don’t forget Canonical (Kubuntu) back in 2012 ending support for KDE also. Perhaps it was the catalyst. Although it’s confusing because later in 2016, they became patrons?? But no active paid developer.

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