We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE



Check kde slimbook it has kdeneon preinstalled.so how can they give someone kdeneon preinstalled.its a testing platform.not a distro


Ahh, nvm.

Corporations or individuals wishing to show exceptional financial commitment to the KDE project may extend their supporting membership with additional patronage. Patrons of KDE pay yearly membership fees of:

  • Individuals and small companies €5000
  • Large corporations €10000

These patrons of KDE are entitled to display the exclusive “Patron of KDE” logo on their website or in printed materials.


“The KDE Kiosk is a framework that has been built into KDE since version 3. It allows administrators to create a controlled environment for their users by customizing and locking almost any aspect of the desktop which includes the benign such as setting and fixing the background wallpaper, the functional such as disabling user log outs and access to the print system and the more security conscientious such as disabling access to a command shell.”
see: https://userbase.kde.org/KDE_System_Administration/Kiosk/Introduction

If one bothers to read that to the end.
I don’t think that KDE is not Enterprise ready. It just happens to not having been selected when those Enterprise Distros grew up (for all valid reasons at that time). Since today no KDE Enterprise Desktop is on offer, no-one can tell if customers would not dig into such a KDEnterprise Distro. They clearly want what they get (and are apparently also satisfied with what they get).


Even if this is a thing, it will not fix long standing shortcommings as KIO (with smb its a horror), Exchange/KMail, webaccounts, 3rd party support, Qt issues, development goals and other things I can’t remember.


I am not going to get into it with you again. Suffice to say I think you are wrong, and apparently every major Enterprise Distro thinks so as well.


Why do linux distros prefer gnome? I tend to think KDE is a great distro and love that manjaro gives me the option to use KDE. It may be slightly less stable, but stability increases with each update! I also love the login splash screen transition and it’s smooth animations, which aren’t hindered by even ancient hardware.


because …

  • it works out of the box - like in without resize windows
  • many apps are made with gnome as main plattform
  • gnome is consequent and WILL remove feature that are not working, this leads to …
  • If a feature is in gnome, its most of the time in good shape
  • gnome and GTK are a family and wont fight with each other (while Qt breaks KDE with almost every release… yey)
  • gnome has a vision and follows this one
  • gnome is a larger community


And still, as an ex distro hopper, I really hope that Manjaro never ditches KDE.
After many year of searching and trying I find Manjaro KDE the most stable / fastest / customizable combo out there.
I coudn’t ask for more. My mouse will not let me hop to any other OS or distro !
For us (neebies) KDE is the best.
It’s not enough a system just to be stable. For home use, you have to have the power to customize and to make everything look and feel the way you like it.


You get it.


This is too conspiranoic even for me. And I believe in flat earth theories and reptilians! Maybe if I put on my red tin foil hat…


But this needs to be the base-line. And sadly the KDE fights on so many locations there is no way to stabiluze it and got to the point where it is a usable desktop. Not only on the technology side, but also the userbase. A huge part of the linux userbase in general is kind of toxic. See all the time when something changes. And because KDE wants to be that “old styled, classic desktop” they seems to pull them all in.

I mean just with that KDE wants to keep that classic desktop thing is already a lie, but they cannot move, because almost nobody cares about something around the classic desktop (mediacenter, touchinterface,smartphone interface) and if they change this classic desktop people would eventually go to some other desktop.

For me, KDE is a boat on a mountain - sure it looks cool but it wont bring you somewhere, nor does it attrackt new developer to get on board.


To all KDE “super”-fans…
You don’t get it!
Gnome for Corporations means a DE for a workplace, where… the last thing a boss wants for a PC user is to spend time configuring (nicely) the PC environment. Bosses OWN your time!! Time is money! That’s all, and IMHO, is simple.

OTOH, a technical advisor on OSH could point out that happy workers are working better and are more productive. It’s a well known controversy and dispute on workplaces. Even all OSH organizations promote this, bosses are way slow to adapt, because of short vision and… poor education.
You know what they say about “money goes to the less capable…” :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

A familiar example is Big-G, although they have already several TV series and movies laughing at their strict/demanding work, behind the scenes…
It’s never ending and … you can never have it all!

Cheers!! and keep the discussion alive :sunglasses:


I do get it. That’s way I said for home users.
That’s why I donate, it’s the least I can do to help the communities, KDE in this case.

I agree with you…I work in IT/Servicedesk, I know pretty much how people work in restrictive environment like Windows clients. It’s all about the money on the short run, but this is an entirely different discussion


I’d say for IBM/Red Hat the move makes all sense. If you want to have the view of an insider:


If they can’t attack RH. Let’s go after sister project. Just guessing!


What will CentOS do? Will they keep their KDE version or will they stop with that as well?
Will CentOS still be able to use Red Hat’s software? I guess so because of the open source formula.
Things are changing, Microsoft buys Github, IBM buys Red Hat, what’s next?


Do you mean Manjaro?


No, I was not thinking about Manjaro, but now that you mention it: at what price would Phil sell Manjaro so he can live a great life without ever having to work again?
I was just thinking in general, which distro will be next, which website?


Manjaro buys Alphabet!


3.000 € per Month ??
Next 60 Years ? :wink:
~ 50% Tax. :frowning:
Price ~ 4.320.000 €