Wayland on GNOME not allowed with nvidia hardware?

Hi, i’ve just installed manjaro coming from an arch installation that became unstable. On Arch i used Hyprland (Wayland compositor), running on a nvidia 1050ti, and i didn’t have many problems, it worked really fine and i was surprised since everyone said that Wayland+Nvidia is not a good choiche. So on manjaro i booted into gnome and found out that, manjaro by default, doesn’t allow you to run wayland on nvidia hardware because it’s unstable… but i want to do so! I’d like to know why user is limited on this choice, i think the user should be free to choose what graphical protocol to use. So how can i run wayland?



Thanks for the answer, infact i found out that i forgot to set kernel parameter ( nvidia-drm.modeset=1)

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