Wayland +KDE +RockPi4

Hello. I am seeing that many Manjaro ARM users activate Wayland environment, on many boards, but I don’t see any referencing RockPi 4. Can Wayland be activated in RockPi4? How is it done? Thank you very much in advance.

While Wayland is maturing quickly these days, you might still encounter issues.

But on KDE Plasma editions, you can install plasma-wayland-session, then logout and choose “Plasma (Wayland)” in the login manager and login again. Now you are running a wayland session.

Thanks a lot. Mouse movement feels more fluid. At the moment I had no problem. And the good thing is that I can always go back to the old settings. Greetings.

Hello. Is there a way to improve the performance for rockpi4? overclock, or something else? To make it faster?

You can probably tweak the kernel DTS to allow for higher clock rates.

And you can switch the used governor to performance.

That’s exactly what I was talking about, but I don’t know the terminology well, and every time I want to ask a specific question, my vocabulary betrays me. Where can I make these changes from?

Well, to make changes to the DTS, you need to recompile the kernel DTS file after you make the change, which will likely get overwritten on next kernel update anyway.

To change CPU governor you can run:

sudo pacman -S cpupower
sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance #for performance governor

sorry for the hazing. but I have no udea what the dts kernel is, or how it is recompiled.

Then you should just try the governor suggestion.

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Hi there. Is there any news about this? I am running on Mate now, and would like to overclock. Is there any guide to do it in rockpi4b?