Wayland KDE broken menus

I have Dual Monitor 4K and 1920px with KDE and I switched to Wayland so I can have scale to 4K monitor
Since then i have some problems with app windows, and also when I click right mouse on desktop on hover menu is breaking
like the video 2023-07-21 22-14-43 on Vimeo

This looks to me like a problem with your graphics driver and wayland, :thinking::woman_shrugging:
Maybe you are using software rendering and some stuff gets lost? :thinking: :woman_shrugging:

Does the same happen when you use X11/Xorg?

(Maybe it’s best to post this on the KDE Forums…)

Haven’t watched the video because it wants me to login (no thanks), but see;


In the last section “These are fixed in Qt 6 but neither backportable nor backported to Qt 5”

In multi-monitor setups with at least one scaled display, Context menus have items which are invisible until hovered: Loading... - Fixed in Qt 6.6

So if you have to use Wayland your choices are to live with it until KDE 6 is released (maybe later this year but who knows) or try Gnome.

No is not. With X11 is working fine.
I think is problem with Wayland and KDE as @MrLavender said.
I tested with Debian 12 and KDE and I have the same problem.
I have to wait the additional monitor, so I will have the same monitors and hopefully I wont have problems