Wayland and X11

Is openrc using wayland now? I have looked at the specs of wayland and find it lacking compared to X11

That would depend entirely on the DE/WM in question.

wmaker and NO DE… nobody should have a DE. It just messes everything up and the people writing them are not seasoned coders.

Given the fact, that you think everything is related to openrc if some troubles occur, I would diplomatically ask, if you are really in the position to judge this. Seriously, kde devs are in overall competent, I won’t judge on gnome and keep my opinion for myself there.

In fact, wayland does not care for the init system, BUT, it requires logind interface, which currently only systemd provides, since they enforced it, and gnome made it a hard depend

You are confusing marketing people with coders.
I agree, marketing folks are a plague sometimes, and they usually live in lala land, which is why I do not work for big corporations any longer. There, people make decisions, who are not fit to make decisions, because they have no clue what they are talking about and what they try to sell.

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I’ve been involved with KDE and Gnome since their inception, Troll Tech and Ximian, and they are both off the rail. In fact, here I am looking at a sudden bug in GVIM because of a GTK3 problem. Granted GNOME a bigger problem than KDE but the Freedom Desktop initiative is a cesspool of over engineered half finished ideas.

They BOTH think that a user has endless time to endlessly problem solve and endless debug, and they are NEVER happy when things just work. As soon as they work, they are onto the next thing. It never occurs to anyone that a desktop might function for say… I don’t know… 30 years. Or that Root access should not be built into the desktop. Or that desktops shouldn’t force everyone else to conform to their aesthetic and functional preferences. There is always the latest greatest thing that some 22 year old picked up in the MS marketing class that has to be absolutely included into the latest new window dressing.

As for thinking that all this is related to openrc, that is not the case. The PROBLEM is that the source of packages is different and systemd eats up old packages and has socket control as well. So in essence, if I have trouble with CUPS or an X11 system, I don’t know its relationship now to openrc because systemFingD derooted X11. And every month lately I feel like I need to go back like a 16 year old and learn the whole system over again… because I have nothing better to do with my time, like working on the Phylogey mapping program that I’m adapting to CLIPS and for Cladistic resolutions of CT Scan data. Instead, I have to track down a problem with gvim and every upgrade now has me holding my breadth as to what it will break. Artoo, your the last person I should be complaining to at this point. Your the best in the business as making things work, and stay working. But I’m not making these statements out of ignorance. KDE is an animal. KDEinit alone can pin my who CPU.

The problem is that when your young, all you know is what you’ve been taught and marketed to in the last 30 minutes. And you’re certain that the whole world is just like this… etc… may it be pivot tables, automounting CDs, the original mac interface with a single mouse button, whatever… I’m done complaining :frowning:

I am not a young teenager, I have experience with computers and coding since the mid 90ies :open_mouth:

OBVIOUSLY, I wasn’t referring to you. But you would think Miguel would learn something by this time :frowning:

Nothing is more dangerous than a 15 year old with a keyboard who can type faster than he can read.

Remember Raster and the enlightment window manager?

I only remember console, DOS, C64, ZX Spectrum and, amiga workbench, which was a fine system at the time in my view, with breathtaking 512k RAM.

I think, TV sets beam a learning blockade in the brains of the mindcontrolled consumers of these silly, useless programs. They seem to be sedated.

Off topic but . I wan’t to ask you a question since you are experienced user . Can you tell me how can a OS (MS-DOS for example ) be written withought a PC with existing OS ? Since I can only find information that they use a OS to make a OS . Thank you in advance !

Yes, its called assembly language, asm.
Its basically cpu register(hardware) programming, it is the low level language.

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there was always an OS right after the Neuman paradigm was created. Prior to that they programmed computers with switches.

Here was the point I was making though, about enlightment. For 30 days it was the biggest baddest thing in existence. RH5 came with it and VA Linux installed it everywhere. I looked at it and everytime I moved the mouse, wide windows flung across the screen and I’m like, “This is just unusable”. But Raster loved hi new found creation and BY GOD… he still is pushing it…https://www.enlightenment.org/

For a while, and this is before gnome really took root, you couldn’t live without it. MS had drag and drop and that was considered an essential part of any Desktop instantaneously.

I still don’t have drag and drop and DCOM (OLE) is not just a security issue, but a huge drain or resources that floods the system bus. But wmaker and bash seem to work fine with only occasional need for even a file manager.

Here is what was before, pretty much a German invention, modern computers, von Neuman was iirc hungarian-german.
But the first modern computer which used binary numbers was the Z1 of Konrad Zuse in 1935.

The original machine was unfortunately destroyed by allied firebombing.

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