Wayland and X11 on KDE

Wayland an X11 is installed on my machine with KDE Plasma.

When I use Wayland, then the session is not restored on login.
And I have some graphic failures with Wayland: pull down menues on Libreoffice do not work correctly.

I use Plasma with Wayland - and I very much prefer Wayland over X11 - other than the rare kwin restart - I have not noticed anything unpleasant.

I never liked the session restore - so I have no experience to share - but I vaguely recall a similar topic - but that is a very, very long time ago.

You specifically mention LibreOffice - I checked - the menus inside Calc - likely the only part I use - works fine.

You will have to be a lot more specific.

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That’s a comprehensive list of current issues with KDE Plasma + Wayland. I recommend using X11 unless you have a specific need for something in Wayland. Many of those issues will never be fixed in Plasma 5, maybe by Plasma 6… :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for the answers!

Where were the questions?

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