Was brave removed?

I got surprised recently to discover that for my install of brave yay wanted to pull the update from the AUR. I was pretty sure I originally instead it from the manjaro repos and even recall seeing it mentioned in one of the state update announcements. Am I losing it?

Also for the record it’s not my primary browser. I use it on the side for a particular purpose. Probably against forum rules to mention it.

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Yes. It has been removed from official repos.

You should probably switch to brave-bin from the AUR, if you don’t want to build it from source.

But please read this.


Yes, brave-bin is the version I installed yesterday. Works okay (I use it for a few app shortcuts) but still Firefox is the best default, and Chrome is the only one that has built in translation… sad story.

Yes I installed the brave-bin and probably going to installed the build from source version just for the sake of being more linux like. LOL I was wondering though why was it removed from the manjaro repos? Trust issues?

I was wondering why you didn’t search before posting? :wink:

I did. All I could find were threads about technical issues with the browser.


notice how aside from this thread none of the results ask that question.

Fair enough. However, if you change the Sort by option from Relevance to Latest Post, you’ll see.

“Brave” after “some days ago” has all the info


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I found the answer here Brave Browser update to 1.17.75-1 (AUR) wants to download tons of GiB - 15 million receiving objects - what is going on?
When I quick checked the search results I skipped over that thread thinking it was just a technical question not realizing it was mentioned there. I’m surprised an announcement wasn’t made about it.

Yes, it surprised the three people that were using it. :laughing:

It was no longer viable to maintain it. Notice it was always out of date in the repos but up to date in the AUR?


no because oddly enough yay never noticed it either. In fact the only reason I even noticed it at all is because suddenly when telling yay to update my packages one day it decided to update brave by pulling the new version from an aur repo that needed gpg keys which failed to import. (not brave-bin there’s another that’s just called brave)

That’s because there’s no way for Yay to know if you’re running the latest version of Brave. :wink:

When an AUR helper informs you that a package is out of date, that means someone flagged an AUR package out of date whether it really is or not. Neither Pacman nor any AUR helper has the capability to see when an Arch package is flagged out of date let alone when a new version has been released, unfortunately.

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I know. I’m just saying that’s why. :wink: