Warnings with update. I am on testing branch

What to do about these? Help would be appreciated. Or is this going to be fixed with next update? How to find these update,s are installed I do know the extra repository stuff is still installed? should I uninstall them? My plasma is running fine however.
Starting full system upgrade…
warning: alsa-ucm-conf: local ( is newer than extra (
warning: manjaro-hello: local (0.6.6-10) is newer than extra (0.6.6-9)
warning: manjaro-release: local (21.2.0-1) is newer than core (21.2rc-1)
warning: mhwd-db: local (0.6.5-21) is newer than extra (0.6.5-20)
warning: xorg-server: local (21.1.2-2) is newer than extra (21.1.2-1)
warning: xorg-server-common: local (21.1.2-2) is newer than extra (21.1.2-1)
there is nothing to do

expect it to be fixed soon. Stable is ahead of Testing for those packages at the moment per Manjaro Branch Compare:


If everything works for you you needn’t take any action.

Read the message, it simply tells you that these packages you have installed are at a newer version than the packages available on your update mirror. There can be various reasons for that, some more legit than others (seriously? the Stable branch once again ahead of Testing? FOR REAL?), but generally don’t worry about, and if you want to downgrade these packages for specific reason, then use the proper switch for Pacman command (you’ll have to look for it, not giving it to you, so you will at least read a little about Pacman in the process).

Usually handle most problems myself fine. I have been using Manjaro for almost a decade. Me learning pacman, I really am pretty good at it. But your answer was pretty much what I thought, but I was not sure. Thank you @omano for your quick and thoughtful answer. Have a nice holiday season.

@maycne.sonahoz thanks for your knowledge. However the older files are also installed. Checked this morning. So both the new and old files are currently installed. Go figure?

I doubt it, what do you mean you have the old and new files installed?

Thanks for the quick response @freggel.doe. Yes my plasma is fine. Just was worried because the new and old remain installed. Checked this morning. Anyhow Have a good holiday season, stay safe and wear a mask where warranted. Thanks again. :mask: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes the old files are installed? That is the only reason I sought a solution. Not to waste anyones time. Believe me I have better things to do. Thanks again @omano.

Been on testing only, for quite a long time. I figure it will eventually sort itself out. Thanks again.

Thanks for the rapid response @jrichard326. Now I feel it will sort itself out eventually. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Perhaps I was guessing that the new files were installed. However the old files remain installed @omano. This is a fresh install so anything is possible I guess. I know what you were saying in response, it makes sense and I appreciate your knowledge. Have a nice evening.

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