Warnings From Octopi



Do I need to be concerned regarding the followings warnings I noted when updating using Octopi:

warning: /etc/passwd installed as /etc/passwd.pacnew
warning: /etc/gshadow installed as /etc/gshadow.pacnew
warning: /etc/fstab installed as /etc/fstab.pacnew
warning: /etc/resolv.conf installed as /etc/resolv.conf.pacnew
warning: /etc/shells installed as /etc/shells.pacnew
warning: /etc/shadow installed as /etc/shadow.pacnew
warning: /etc/crypttab installed as /etc/crypttab.pacnew
warning: /etc/hosts installed as /etc/hosts.pacnew
warning: /etc/group installed as /etc/group.pacnew
warning: /etc/locale.gen installed as /etc/locale.gen.pacnew
warning: Directory permissions vary in /var/lib/samba/private



see the update announcement wiki


The pacnew extension means that a config file that was in the package differs from the one installed to your system. It is up to you to compare these new config files with the existing ones, and merge any changes you think are necessary.



Thanks to both


Don’t replace those files with the pacnew files. Just leave them alone. They are important files with configuration information you need.

Here’s what happens if you replace them:


No one said to replace them, your SUPPOSED to compare and merge important changes.
Please, read my other post and/or follow the link I gave.


I suppose you mean include the changes from the new into the original file, then delete the new. The original filename will then stand. I see the programme meld in the repo, which I will install. I also see a python file (python2-meld3). Do I need both to use meld?


Best thing to do in this case is to just ignore it.


Well, that is not exactly 100% true.
There are times when the developers and/or maintainers make syntax changes, obsolete (remove) functions, combine functions, etc.
Not merging these kinds of changes WILL cause you issues…

While it is true, much of the time pacnew files don’t require merging, assuming they don’t would be bad. I find it best to, at the very least, compare the changes…


Compare them using merge - I assume.

Their folder has root priviliges, hence looking might involve starting the package as root (su, kdesu, or sudo) - not sure which one. Using the wrong programme might change the priviledges.

The pac new files and their originals must be different to have been listed.

I asume that if they are not deleted (pac.new), sooner or later, after successive updates, their number will become large.


Yes, the differences are usually after installation changes. aka adding passwords to the shadow file, etc. The only reason there is even a pacnew file is because these files are in the packages backup aray. In other words, the maintainer knew that the system, and/or end user, would be modifying these files after initial installation. examples: /etc/sddm.conf, /etc/default/grub, etc…

PS. For most of these you can use any txt editor that has a compare feature, or even one that can have more than one window open (side by side comparison).


They have root privilidge


Do you not know how to work with files that do?

In Plasma (kde), kate will ask for the root password before saving.
For other txt editors, you’ll need to use sudo or similar.


I think that it is important to use the correct command, sudo, su, kdesu. I remember reading that using the wrong command can change priviliges - but this advice was given for another OS


Yes, gksu, enlightenment_askpass, etc.
Kdesu is mute, since Plasma doesn’t allow this anymore.
Kate has this built in at save time anyway…


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