Warning when updating with pacman

I have got some warning every time I made a update : warning: config /etc/pacman.conf line 19: unknown option ‘SyncFirst’
the line in question :

SyncFirst = manjaro-system manjaro-keyring manjaro-arm-keyring archlinux-keyring archlinuxarm-keyring

Do I have to comment it ?

For info :

pacman 5.2.2-3
pacman-mirrors 4.19.1-1
pamac-cli 10.0.3-1
pamac-common 10.0.3-1
pamac-gtk 10.0.3-1

Hi Dulbi

Mine is not commented, so I’m guessing that the problem is one of the packages. On mine the entries are the same except that I do not have the two ‘arm’ keyring entries. I presume you are using the ARM edition?

Yes I use the ARM edition. I guess it came with checkrebuild from rebuild-detector due to python 3.9 upgrade.

I’ve checked a little and I guess it’s pacconf (from pacutils) which sends that warning when it opens /etc/pacman.conf.

Can you test “pacconf --repo-list” please ?

Mine is:


thanks that’s what should be.
I’m still looking for the cause

Wondering why this is not installed by default on Manjaro ?
Instead you have to install pacutils which is in the arch community repo to get it.