[WARNING] Support in Thinkpad E14 GEN2 AMD RYZEN/4700

Hello everyone.
I have been using Manjaro for several months now but I never felt the need to post in this forum.
Now, it is the right time to do so.
Lucky me, I received as a gift the pre-mentioned laptop. Now, I can get rid of my old -Intel based- laptop. Of course I want to continue the usage of Manjaro in my new machine but I was surprised when I saw major flaws and compatibility issues with it.
First of all, is the fingerprint sensor working on thinkpad e14 gen 2? Has the bug with Fn keys fixed?
Please, if you have an experience about it please share it, because I do not want to discontinue using my favorite distro!

Install Manjaro on it and see if it works or not. Then ask for help from there.



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Hey, thank you for the wonderful suggestions.
I suppose that the fn keys problem is solved.
Any ideas about the fingerprint reader too?
Thank you all!

See above comment

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So after some time do you have any comment for the Manjaro on this laptop ??? I want to buy it but i really want to run Manjaro. @vatosflokos ???