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After updating the system today (stable branch) I get the following warning message when installing packages via pamac:
Warning: lightdm: local (1:1.28.0-1.1) is newer than extra (1:1.28.0-1)
Is it a reason for concern?
Can I do something about it?


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You can run from terminal:
sudo pacman -Syyuu
and that way the package version from your system will line up with the one from the repo.
See this

Pamac warning - What should I do now

Thanks for the reply and the link!

I just did sudo pacman -Syyu from tty3.
Is sudo pacman -Syyuu what I should be doing instead?


I thought i explained it … :slight_smile:


Yes, right. I should have added from now on. Sorry about that!

It is just for the occasion when there is some discrepancy between the packages in question. I get it.


Ran the command as per your advice , everything is back to normal.

Thank you so much!


Depending on your mirror, what youve done recently, or maybe a package proves problematic … you may find the repos have an older version than you do. In this case 2 us (-Syuu) also downgrades packages to meet repo versions, not just upgrade.
For some reasons, it is not technically advisable to use Syuu at all times. Rather Syu or Syyu (to force refresh…I always do this) … and then if told something like that you can use Syuu after.

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Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it.

Alright, then I will be doing Syyu and in case I will be confronted with the same situation I’ll add an extra u .

Thanks again both, for the help and explanation!


OK, this thread was helpful. Thanks.

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