WARNING: cgroup v2 is not fully supported yet

Hey everybody!!
Can someone please help me with this?
I’m getting this message on my terminal for some reason and I don’t quite know why.

WARNING: cgroup v2 is not fully supported yet, proceeding with partial confinement

I don’t exactly remember remember when I started getting this message but I think I started to see this after I installed bashtop. I read somewhere that this is caused because of snapd, so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling snapd but this message still pops up. Is this message dangerous? Should I be concerned? If it is, can someone please help me solve it?
I’m still very new to all this so please be kind to me.
Thank you

You should not be concerted at all,cgroup v2 is the new way of managing groups of process,there are some programs that doesn’t support v2 yet and still relies on v1.

Btw you should use succesor bpytop,bashtop is discontinued.

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Oh okay that’s really helpful. Thank You.
I’ll try using bpytop.