WARNING: after latest update [23/01/2019] my computer won't start anymore!


did we forget to connect to wifi? :crazy_face:

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Hi guys/gals,

Same issue as most in this thread it seems.
I tried the solution that involves booting into Manjaro live.

After typing
manjaro-chroot -a

I get: ERROR: You can’t mount 0!

My Manjaro partition is encrypted using LUKS which I decrypted by double clicking on the Device in question.

How do I go about this situation?

Thank you


I managed to get it going!
I first had to mount my main encrypted partition to /mnt
Then manjaro-chroot /mnt which got me into my encrypted partition, followed by the pacman update



Same problem. I installed afresh :smirk:


why? its a simple fix.


I had a same problem and resolved it by the solution as you, but from boot menu of GRUB I cannot find Windows which I dual-booted. Do you have any idea to revive my windows ? (I’m not good at English, so please inform me if I don’t make any sense…)


Try running the command sudo update-grub in the terminal on your manjaro installation ,


Thank you very much. It solved the problem.


You are welcome . :slightly_smiling_face:

Fail to boot after latest updates, ethernet fail too

Hey maybe you have a look on point 6 or 7 from this guide
But be aware this information was already posted on top.


Thanks to the tips in this forum thread, I managed to fix the error, thank you.

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