Want to try other distro. Recommendations?


Yep open-Suse/Mandrake were the new user leaders in 2002-2005 then faded away open-Suse has not done much to modernise and is known by many as rpm dep hell, while Fedora that was known for the same rpm hell is now very capable and works very well with the rpmfusion non free repros.
On the otherhand Pclinux came from the ashes of Mandrake thanks to Texter and has remained a top notch rolling release rock solid but not talked about as it just does what it says on the box


Opensuse, ran the OS at least twice on my test computer over the years and really enjoy the ride each time.
Not sure why I never moved it to my main computers.


If its rockin’ don’t come knockin’?

That sort of “party”?



Okay - happy Christmas - How old are You?

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