Want to try other distro. Recommendations?


Because I am a hands on person. Also, fun. Also, with more than one partition, I can distro hop AND have my favorite distro(s) installed at the same time.


Yeah, in that case makes sense… just thinking that books are more efficient for learning than by “hard work” imo


It depends what you trying to learn.

If you already have some Linux base knowledge, I think the best way to learn about different distros is to actually use them.


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Linux world: Maybe Gentoo or Linux From Scratch

Or in the BSD world: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, NetBSD (CURRENT version are usually rolling, but the kernels are build full of debug stuff, so it can be slower, use a RELEASE version)

Or in the Solaris world: OpenIndiana Hipster (It’s rolling release as in just update, but the packages are held a little longer before it goes to “stable”)

Or if you’re into OSes in general: Try
Micro Kernel: HelenOS, Minix, RedoxOS
BeOS based: HaikuOS

I really would love to say a XNU kernel based OS, but all of them died some years ago… :slightly_frowning_face:


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So. Forgot (because it has been so long ago) that Debian is Debian which means it’s Purist and I had to spend 30 minutes finding the wifi drivers and copy them to my USB stick before eventual install.

See, learning already.

Also learning: Taking 45 minutes to figure out why no USB sticks were bootable until I remembered to unplugg my 4TB external drive… Because every time I tried to boot from a stick with it plugged in, It detected the stick, but when I picked it, it tried to read the (non existent) boot information from the 4Tb drive.

See, learning even more, already.

Still not sure if I am doing MX, as an “anchor” or safety net (It did work great), or if I’m letting Windows be that and only do pure Debian but SID.
Also, Siduction… Downloading it takes forever and a day. Does anyone know of any faster mirrors than the four ones they list on their page? The FASTEST mirror in Germany wants 4 hours for one ISO.


See, learning again. Patience is virtue. Good things take longest. :wink:


Downloading it at 5 am helped. Got it down in under 45 minutes…
Good thing their newest release is called "Patience ".


Stupid question.
Rumors has it that Arch based distros can be grumpy about dual boot if they’re not handling the boot loader.
Is that true?


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So that’s a yes then?




Okay, from thinking Pure I am going to go Spins / Variants only to start with. Not on purpose, it just happened.

Mx Linux 18 Xfce
Manjaro Xfce (Architect) Unstable
Siduction Xfce or LXDE
Gecko Linux (DE not decided)


I will be frank Debian 9 blows chunks. I have never had problems with Debian 7 or 8 even right after release. This one has problems installing on old hardware, or detecting monitors, or … everything you just had a problem with. I was going to use it for my server but instead went with Fedora which has been running flawlessly.

That being said MX is a fantastic distro and if I was not running Fedora and Manjaro it would probably be my go to. So since I have not given you any suggestions yet MX because by default it does not use systemd, and Fedora because SELinux is not going to just be a Redhat distro thing in a few years.


Fedora is a runner up. I have fond memories of suse, it was my first distro ever. I actually bought it back in 2005 together with a rather impressive paperback manual.


and some entertaining music videos, every time i hear/see the word suse they start playing in my head on an endless loop. i tried it very briefly on my backup lappy since it didnt play nice with my optimus one (in all fairness i didnt really give it a chance). i did like what i seen in the few days of using it though.


you guys are lucky have good memories of opensuse. All I got was ptsd. :exploding_head:
Then again 2008 on a alpha build was maybe a stupid idea anyway!