Want to try other distro. Recommendations?


Only if you can get an IRS tax exemption for it.


Thank you, Now i go to change my underwear…


Now, is it redundant to have both pure arch and manjaro on this thing…


Depends on how do YOU define redundant.


That really depends their is only one pure Arch that is installed the Arch Way, installed any other way is never a complete success and usually breaks down the road, I know I have used Arch since 2005 running testing updates its boringly the most solid distro I have used, Non of the spins come close to installing the Arch way, they all fail with this and that If you want Arch their is only one way the Arch way.
As for duel booting with Manjaro NO problem use Manjaro for grub, set Manjaro to testing or unstable get very little problems with a good flow of daily updates have fun fun fun


Oh I know. As an almost complete noob (I used Linux briefly in 2006) I installed Arch “the Arch way” in May and failed to make it crash for two weeks of tinkering.

The main point though is that I want Manjaro and a Debian distro on there, and at least one bleeding edge distro.


Their you go you have got the solution My Arch experiance installed 2005 ran it till 2016 when the hdd exploded frooze the hdd , cloned the disk ran it till now have had every desktop and wm installed on it in that time always 2 desktops or desktop/wm at the moment well a few years now Gnome/JWM it never ever breaks these days. Lol its called learning the Arch way. I did love Sidux in its day mind you, Siduction was and is to calm and handholding. used fedora Rawhide, but now Fedora is top notch way above debian and Ubuntu and bleeding edge even upgradable.


MX is definitely easier to get going and check out since it is made to be an easy to use desktop but Debian is the base so if you want to start with the root you can start there. IMO, pure Debian doesn’t provide the best desktop experience. You might want to spend 10 minutes installing them both in a VM before you move to a bare metal install.


I think I have settled for MX. Even thinking I will install that (maybe) as my “fallback” or “main”, as it will be the officially most stable distro, then Manjaro second and after that? Don’t know. Would be fun to try a Gentoo distro, but which one? Leaning towards Calculate and again pure Arch is always calling my name.


Sounds like you want Manjaro unstable and Debian Sid+Experimental.

Come. Join ussss…


Well I have FOUR empty partitions…

  1. Manjaro
  2. Debian Sid+Experimental
  3. Fedora Rawhide
  4. SUSE Tumbleweed

That should keep you busy. :slight_smile:


I was more looking at:
MX Linux 17.1
Manjaro (Testing? Unstable?)
Gecko rolling Xfce (?)


Well… you don’t have to decide on everything now. Get the base setup done, install the first couple, and go from there.

You’ve got plenty of input on where your distro-hopping journey can take you. :slight_smile:


Yep. My plan is to install two distros over Christmas and put the others in when I find something I am curious about.


Sabayon is probably the easiest to get started with. Anything without binary packages will be tough run to on a time-shared desktop. Every-time you switch over to that distro there would be stuff waiting to compile.


Oh, one more thing. Well… two, actually:

  1. What is your opinion of Siduction vs SID?
  2. As fun as it is with updates, isn’t putting Debian in anything but Stable kind of missing the point with Debian?


When I last tried Siduction (which was a long time ago now) it didn’t add much more than a desktop installer to Sid and ended up somehow being slower…

Depends on your use-case. I run my Ubuntu LTS workstation with certain packages backported directly from Sid (and occasionally Experimental). Sid is Debian rolling-release, Sid+Experimental is essentially the same as Arch unstable.

So yes - for servers, Debian stable is where you want to be. For crazy bleeding-edge people, Sid is where all the fun is.


No sid is where debian is tested, after Experimental where sid and Ubuntu take their snapshots from the testing stable. The biggest problems are the long freezes with debian sid still gets stuff but its slow as it can’t go to testing then stable.


If you are doing it for the sake of learning then why not get some books? :smiley: