Want to try other distro. Recommendations?


I’d argue the other way - start with Debian, then try Ubuntu to see what the differences are (there are other more subtle packaging and configuration differences which are outside of the “well-known” PPAs etc.)

It’s almost like trying Arch first, then Manjaro.

Debian is a much “purer” distro than Ubuntu, much like Arch is much “purer” than Manjaro, though Manjaro doesn’t mess quite as much with a formula which works well compared to Ubuntu.


But so practical! You can host a party in the back of one of those.

  1. You found an amazing distro. Manjaro is awesome!
  2. Go to distrowatch, and do a little research
  3. Dual boot with what looks the most intriguing.
  4. Have fun!


dpkg -i, dpkg -l, dpkg -r

There–now you know Debian! :wink:


No no, you forgot backports. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Debian Sid is very nice…Breaks but still good…

Siduction is good as well…I have had kernels stop working on my hw combo…but things are not bad…I especially love certain add-on apps that they add…but I do like an app to remove older kernels, but I was not able to get any of their spins working apart from the XFCE version…now this is a good 3 to 4 months back…not sure about the state now.

One observation, not sure if it is just me, the apt PM seems to take a lot of time with the installs, especially with the unpacking part, everytime I try to install a new kernel, it would take so much time to unpack, I would not know if it had failed or if it is continuing…anybody else face this ? Guess I am a little spoilt with the way pacman works…

Maybe if you still want to try Debian testing maybe try out Parrot or Makulu…
Void is cool, you will need to unlearn a few things and learn a lot more, especially in the xbps package management system…Suggest using OctoXbps or something like that, creates an Octopi styled GUI for the xbps…

Tumbleweed was a mixed bag, certain apps which I take for granted don’t work out of the box, like variety…but certain apps which I am sure breaks actually work…it is a hit or miss…but a wonderful distro if you want cutting edge and still a good work flow…

Solus is getting better…they are having a lot going on with the Budgie DE enhancements…couple of hackfests done…Their KDE spin is very barebones, just the way I like it…

I am actually looking forward to what Fedora is going to bring to the table, I hear that they are planning a lot of new tooling in the year after F30. So maybe something good…truth be told all the Fedora spins beside the gnome version have been lackluster…

I personally have not had time to go beyond Manjaro…you take one spin at a time and by the time you complete one circle, things have moved on and there is something new all the time…


i hear/read things similar to that often, people trying many distro’s and land on manjaro and it just fits. so far i’ve tried ubuntu and mint before trying manjaro , and solus, fedora(briefly),suse(briefly). nothing before or after manjaro that ive tried even comes close IMO.


Truth be told, Manjaro does a lot of stuff for us,
drivers, packages etc etc pre-installed…so a lot easier to get started…


I’m a multibooter because I like to try different distros and I often find different things to like about each one. It’s not really so much about learning Linux, but through seeing how different distros do things (package management, what their forums are like, etc), I have learnt some things.

My feature proposal for pamac to warn users (whether using pamac via GUI or terminal) to read the forum when there is a particularly problematic update comes from Sabayon, which actually has that system in place. I learnt about it because I bothered trying it.

So I wouldn’t be asking the OP why he would want to try something new. After all, why not?

Like @Almanja, MX and Manjaro are my key distros. But I multiboot many more. Most have been on my PC for close to 3 years and I rotate my use of all of them.

I actually slowed down and had not tried a new distro for close to a year (upgrades of existing distros are not counted). But just last week, I tested GhostBSD in liveUSB and installed it in Virtualbox. It’s my first BSD distro. Interesting enough for me to keep using it in VM. At least for now. I doubt I’ll install it in real metal.

I second the suggestion to try Void. I like it.


“Be there AND be square”. :wink:


Yeah I am probably not going with Ubuntu anything. Basically if I am to go debian based I’d either go pure Debian or go wild and do Siduction I think.

And that’s what I did, btw if you didn’t see: I did pure Arch first.


SolydXK is kinda like a Mint/Manjaro of Debian. So that might be a thing to look at.
(Tried LMDE - linux mint debian edition in the past … liked it but they dont seem to care about it much)


Nope. It also how the distro handles hardware support. Every distro that aim to be different to independent. They handle that sort of stuff very different. So it a lot more then just a package manager. Unless the package manager handles stuff like a sandbox root lock. Nix package manager good example of that. Distro that aim to be bare bone simple. Then it up to the user to handle all the config make your PC feel more like your very own PC(personal computer). At a OS level.


Yes, i agree. :wink:
Fruitul offtopic.

I run Arch and Debian Sid with pleasure and ease. That covers my need to “know” Linux. Personal choice. I find xbps interesting, time will tell.


So basically I am now trying to decide between pure Debian stable or MX for my second distro.

The last two will be decided later with whatever strikes my fancy atm.


If you want some play, fun and surprise I would recommend you to try Bedrock Linux.
My last experiment with it was 2-3 years back so I would be interested to hear how it did develop. :wink:


Wow! I read a bit from their site. I don’t think I could evar get used to doing something like…

sudo pacman -S mupdf && sudo apt install texlive

…I mean, it took me 2-3 years to stop arbitrarily issuing APT commands in Manjaro/Arch and now I’m older and moar easily confusticated. Not nice! FAKE NEWS! :frowning: :wink:


Like I said, play fun and surprise :grin:


I think it could be a lot of fun. :smiley:


Hey c00ter! Is heresy a religion too. Don’t know why , but i always wanted to ask you. :smiley: