Want to try other distro. Recommendations?


I always keep one machine in good shape, no unknown experiments, my favorite distro and DE (it happens to be Manjaro with KDE Plasma) and even tho is on testing branch i don’t experiment on it. For that i have another desktop, but the advantage of using VBox installs is priceless and nondestructive.

You can learn in a virtual environment as much as on bare metal without destroying your system. In time you gather more and more information, make more tweaks and if they work can be adopted to the main system.


Now you just admitted why you know more than most on the forum case closed.
be proud you used Gentoo you learned a lot like no sleep compiling


Not quite, I learned most of the stuff from old Debians and SuSEs, where you still had to do lots of things by yourself, setting up XFree86 correctly could easily take an entire day.
Gentoo was in use for just a month or two.

But you never stop learning, I’m still far from being a Linux pro.


I built Gentoo from a tarball in 2006 on a dual core AMD they were the bees Knees in the days. It was good fun, I have used most distros in my time a honestly Debian, Suse,slackware, were never any problem , i think because i started with Arch then Gentoo then tried the others after,
Sidux now I loved that distro a new challenge every day, as was Arch Linux, Fedora rawhide, but the last few years Linux has become rather boring,
My memory is failing Linux is very stable Arch does not break on testing and that suits me now. But I still dable with others Artix has done well after its switch to Arch, and my switch from Manjaro but you see the devs are Gentoo users.

Manjara well i have mixed feeling their best keep them to myself I’m not putting Manjaro down Just don’t like the direction it seems to be going and the continued words " I can do what i want" leaves a lump in my throat


Try out MX Linux. (Debian based)

Fast as Manjaro.
Debian based systems have older software. MX ports many of them so you have nice collection of software available, that is never than on Mint or Ubuntu. So you keep stability and you don’t trade it for too old software.

Check out MX tools, like snapshot for example. You can make complete backup of your system as installable iso, with all data and installed software with only few mouse clicks. You want to share it with someone else, essentially making your own flavor of MX? With all your settings and installed software, but of course without your data… Simple, takes just one additional click. Done. Your distributtable MX iso is now ready for others :wink:

I’m having Manjaro on one computer and MX on another. I love both of them. On Manjaro for example I have some problems with Anaconda package that on MX works perfectly. There was few times I had better luck finding some package in ‘deb’ world. Especially if you try to not use AUR too much. Can’t hurt to have ‘plan B’.

I was looking for second, plan b Linux flavor for a while but I found it with MX.


Have you tried Manjaro Budgie desktop? That is my fav, removes the horrible features of Gnome’s smartphone-ish UI and makes it usable. But if you decided to go elsewhere, I have always found Debian Testing as a rolling release to be my #2 fav.

I have used Siduction several times and loved their excellent modded kernels. You have to watch the forums like a hawk to prevent the rough update waters of Sid from sinking your ship. Even with that done, there is always a package or two that breaks something occasionally. I would not recommend it for the casual linux user.


If you truly want to learn, then try them all. That experimentation is part of the fun.

Just like always, there is nobody here who can tell you what you like.


I would totally go with OpenSuse, forget any other suggestion. Ahhh, not even on your list. Soldier on.


Learning? LFS!
Alternative for using: Try KDE Neon. Its an LTS Ubuntu base with crisp and fresh KDE Plasma Desktop and Applications. Sometimes the new KDE packages are in the repo before the homepage has the announcement. So it’s pretty rolling DE wise and pretty stable otherwise. Plus: you start with a very limited feature set program wise, so you don’t have any bloat (but you need to add conveniences here and there). Memory footprint is very sleek, it will definitely compete with your XFCE install.


I gotta agree with this, especially if you are going to Debian from an Arch-based. It may teach you “how the other half lives.” You may quickly return to Manjaro. :wink:

OTOH, I also have to ask why go outside Arch-based since, once installed, Linux is basically Linux other than a few bells & whistles individual distribution may proffer?

I agree that Gentoo, LFS & their ilk may teach you a few things. Other than really getting to know your hardware intimately, you do get the joys of watching code compile endlessly.

With Arch & Arch-based you have the ability to install & operate virtually any DE or WM. And you get the pleasure of Pacman. And that’s what nails it for me every time I think about doing the same: What would I do without Pacman? :smiley:



Not going further than base Arch, which I have done.
As for Debian only learning Debian etc… That’s the point, isn’t it? How many distros are Debian based? It used to be like 70-80%, now maybe 40% (Arch’s surge in popularity cut it down a lot). But it’s a good thing to know.


Manjaro now. Have done Antergos, pure Arch, SwagArch and Manjaro in that order.


I have posted about Budgie here before.
I… don’t like it. In fact i don’t like any of the Gnome derivatives / spins / forks. Pure Gnome 3 I like. But both Cinnamon and Budgie looks great on screenshots but just feels like someone used all the extensions on Gnome 3.

Mate feels… old. As in somehow (to me, obviously, personal taste here) feels older than Xfce.

Appricate the suggestion though!


Did a rework of my partition scheme. This is what happens when you add drives after a while.

Now it’s ready. Drive one:

One 80 Gb Win 10 partition, four partitions ready for Linux distros, 80 Gb each (yes, overkill, BUT no common /Home, and also why not? I have the space), one common area for files for Linux 55 Gb and a common Swap of 10 Gb (because that’s what was left on the drive…)

Drive two: 1 Tb dedicated for Games for Windows.

Now, off to install Manjaro and go from there.


Well you are right about Budgie, cinnamon, As for Mate I use mate on Artix because gnome is a no go,
But it is just going back to 2002 gtk2 with a gtk3 face lift.

But want to stay with Manjaro/Arch then you could try JWM its do it yourself just a few 100kb and can be made into any thing you want themed any way you want is lightning fast very stable rock solid,
Cons documentation is not very good.
Another is Awesome build your own not a spin get the real benifit and learn Lua.
But what ever you choose build from scratch that is the only way to learn.

Want to try JWM download obarun live cd it has jwm as default It is based on my ideas of how a simple desktop can look a long way from the vanilla version modern looking its not dependent on GTK QT I use it with gtk apps as a back up for Gnome.


I would guess it is way more than 40% on the desktop.

Either way, if you want to try a variety of different distros with different bases than I would consider the following:

  • OpenSUSE
  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu
  • Solus(You don’t have to use budgie)
  • Sabayon
  • Magiea

That would cover all the bases for major distributions and you continue to grow you knowledge of what you like and what you don’t.


  • If you are wondering why I recommend trying to Ubuntu instead of Debian it is because Ubuntu adds a lot of stuff like ppas and snaps. So if you are testing them all out to get a feel I would start there. In no way am I recommending using Ubuntu over any of the other endless Debian derivatives. If you like what you see in Ubuntu then you can start testing through that massive list.


Speaking of Debian… I have always loved their Logo / Spiral thing.

It is actually the one, absolutely ONLY thing I don’t like with this distro.
The Manjaro M might look professional, but it is as stylish as a 1978 Volvo station wagon (now go google :wink: ).


The 2nd quote. I was just giving him a example of what to expect if he try musl install.


Distro hopping will make you familiar with different package management … but, is that the point? :wink:


install a BSD distribution? I don’t know if you have tried BSD yet. You may want to try this suggestion in VM first if you haven’t.